Table Management


You can fill more seats and keep service flowing smoothly with FoodBucket Table Management System. You can manage all the table arrangements from the backend/admin area. However, you can manage the following with POS:

  • Open Table

  • Occupied Table

  • Private Table

  • Merge Table

Open Table

The table is open and available which means that it is clean and prepared for the next customer.

Occupied Table

A table is said to be occupied when it is occupied by customers. It shows by a bar on POS as shown in the image below:

Private Table

Private sales are carried on private tables where the bill is not charged. You can change the status of a table to a private table from the backend/admin area.

Merge Table

To merge tables together, choose the “Merge Tables” option.

Select the table that you want to merge from the dialog box.

Order items of the merged tables will be shown in the merged table.

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