KDS Controls

FoodBucket’s KDS Keyboard / KDS Bump Bar is one of the easiest keyboard designed in the entire restaurant industry. It requires literally zero knowledge to operate our KDS system. it’s simple, understandable and most importantly it’s addictive.

Navigation Keys

Arrow navigation keys are to move your selection on a KDS screen. Our old KDS keyboards do not have arrow keys but the placement and purpose is the same.

A selected order box is always shown with a reddish shade/border.

Action Keys

There are 3 Action Keys on our Keyboard:

Done Key (Green)

The done key is to mark an action as completed or done. Each staff member is assigned a role in KDS from which they change their status. It could be ‘cooking’, ‘cooked’, or ‘served’.

Recall/Cancel Key (Red)

A Recall or a Cancel Key is to undo what’s done. For example, if you want to call back your previously done order or item that is accidentally marked as cooked, you can simply press the red button and it will bring it back to old status.

Refresh Key (Blue/White/Black)

A Refresh key could be Blue/White/black in color, depending on which variant of the keyboard you are using. However, its placement will always be the same and its color will not be Green or Blue. Its only purpose is to refresh the KDS screen in case you feel KDS data is not updated.

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