KDS Overview

Our masterpiece, crown jewel, the famous FoodBucket Kitchen Display System™ helps large-scale restaurants streamline their operations and achieve maximum output.

KDS Increases efficiency, eliminates human errors, and focuses on faster deliveries that result in more sales.

The FoodBucket Kitchen Display Screen™

A kitchen display screen has many components. As you see the numbers above, the following are its details:

  • Name of the screen e.g. Dispatcher, Pizza Topping, Fryer, etc.

  • The current time of the day and total no. of active orders

  • Category of the screen. This is different from the name for example packaging screen name which only packs pizzas

  • Single order details with menu items, options, and deals.

  • List of orders in the waiting.

  • Usually, our KDS displays 8 orders at once but it can be configured.

Order Box

One order box, beautifully designed to help our chefs to see what to cook. Refer to the image below to see what items are displayed in one order box:

The image above is taken from our KDS screen with an order that is being currently selected. A Selected Order Box has a slight reddish shade. The following are the elements of one order box:

  • Order Number

  • Table Number if order type is dine-in

  • Order Type

  • Time since the order was punched in minutes/seconds

  • A single menu item with 1 quantity

  • A deal with multiple menu items

  • Menu option and/or menu item note

  • A menu item that has been cooked

KDS Client

Our branded, premium-quality Kitchen Display Clients are plug & play devices that come with a pre-installed KDS Operating System by FoodBucket. All you have to do is connect these devices with an LED and network and assign a profile from Admin Panel to start using your KDS System.

Our KDS Client is highly durable and works perfectly fine in a tense heated and round-the-clock environment. Our KDS Client can be purchased separately from our online store.

KDS Bar/KDS Keyboard

Our other state-of-the-art, simplistic Kitchen Display System Keyboard makes us stand out from all other simple POS systems. We took a leap by designing an elegant yet simple-to-operate KDS Bar which works without a touch screen and gives feedback with a button-click sound.

We use high-quality, long-lasting buttons to keep kitchen operations always running. Refer to one of our model’s images below (computerized):

Following are the simple operations that our keyboard performs:

  • Navigation keys with arrow signs to move around the KDS screen. Selected orders will have a reddish shade/border

  • Green Button: For completing the item job. It could be topping, frying, or cooking, and will be removed from the screen if configured.

  • Red Button: To recall the item accidentally marked completed.

  • Blue Button (could be in white or black): To refresh the KDS screen.

KDS Bell

Our system also supports the KDS bell. Whenever there is a new order punched from the POS, it will beep a sound to alert the chefs or kitchen staff about the new order (if speakers are attached to KDS Client).

This bell can be configured from the KDS profile section.

Note: FoodBucket’s Kitchen Display System is a registered trademark & copyright product of Integrated Units Pvt. Ltd. In case we find it’s duplication or idea copying, legal action will be taken.

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