Customer Management

Our Customer Relations Manager allows you to maintain all record of your customers which can help you get in touch with your customers, review their history, and maintain a loyalty system.

Manage Customers

You can manage your customer information from the Users > Customers from the left panel.

For adding a new customer, click on the “+ New” button.

A form will appear as shown in the image below:

  • First Name: Add the first name of the customer.

  • Last Name: Add the last name of the customer.

  • Email: Update the email address of the customer.

  • Telephone: Add contact number with country code.

  • Password & Confirm Password: Add a secret password which should be more than 4 letters.

  • Security Question & Security Answer: Update a security question from the dropdown menu and write an answer to it. This will help the system to identify the real customer in case of forgetting the password and facing any issues while logging in to the account.

  • Customer Group: You can also assign a customer group to the customer for any classification you want. You can select from the dropdown option.

  • Newsletter: You can also enable the “Subscribe” button which means that the customer has subscribed to the newsletter and will be added to the audience list automatically.

  • Status: Enable the status of the customer so that it is treated as an active customer.

You can see the below screen from the “Address” tab.

Click on the “+” icon to add the address. The following fields will show:

  • Address 1 & 2: Add the main address in the address 1 field and you may add a secondary address (if any) in address 2. The address should include proper information on the building number, block, street, etc.

  • City: Add the name of the city.

  • State: Add the name of the state.

  • Postcode: Add postal code.

  • Country: Add the name of the country.

Click on the “Save” Button.

Manage Customer Groups

You can add or edit customer group from the Users > Customer Groups from the left panel.

Click on the “+ New” Button to add the new customer group.

The following fields need to be filled in while adding a new customer group:

  • Name: Add the name of the customer group through which you can easily identify and assign to the customers

  • Approval: New customers must be approved before they can log in.

  • Description: Add the description of the customer group.

Click on the “Save” Button.

NOTE: You can also add customers from your POS.

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