Cloud Setup

You can set up your FoodBucket Cloud Kitchen in a few simple steps.

1. First, go to and click on the Create Account” button from the Main Menu.

2. Fill up the form with your information and click on the “Create Account” button to continue.

  • First Name: Add your First Name e.g. John

  • Last Name: Add Your Last Name e.g. Doe

  • Email: Write your Complete valid email address.

  • Phone Number: Write your complete Phone number with your country code.

  • Password: Enter a strong password to secure your account.

  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password for confirmation.

  • Restaurant Name: Add your Restaurant Name.

  • Restaurant Location: Add the location of your restaurant.

  • Restaurant Country: From the drop-down, select the name of the country where you are operating your restaurant.

  • Restaurant City: Enter your Restaurant city name.

  • Restaurant URL: Enter your unique URL for the restaurant e.g. Here new york pizza is your unique URL identifier.

3. Now your account has been created and your kitchen is set up.

4. Here you go, your FoodBucket Cloud Kitchen is ready to use. Click on “Continue to Login”

5. Welcome to your FoodBucket Cloud Kitchen Dashboard. Your Cloud Kitchen is live now. You can also download our app from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The Microsoft Windows app is available too.

You can download FoodBucket App just by clicking the link below:

1. Android App 2. iOS App 3. Windows App

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