Inventory Management


Inventory Management System is also one of our key features which provides you the most efficient way to manage and control your stock. Proper stock inventory management keeps service running smoothly, but failure to do so can impact financials. One small stock management error can lead to food shortages and unnecessary food waste.

The FoodBucket Inventory management system allows you to know the cost of everything that comes out of your kitchen. Detailed usage, loss, and sales performance reports tell you what’s sitting on the shelves and where you’re losing money. You can also easily manage your Vendors/Suppliers, Purchase Orders, and their receiving notes along with every transaction to keep them in your record.


  1. Login to your Admin Panel/Backend Area.

  2. Go to Inventory > Report for inventory report.

  3. Go to Inventory > Purchase Orders for purchase orders.

  4. Go to Inventory > Vendors/Suppliers for vendors/suppliers.

  5. Go to Inventory > StockTake Report for the stocktake report.

You can check the inventory details and graphs here:

  1. Click on the “Inventory” button in the side menu.

  2. Click on the “Vendors/Supplier” button to get the details about your suppliers.

  3. You can also add a new vendor by clicking “Add New Vendor”

  4. Click on the “Purchase Order” under the “Inventory” tab to view the list of purchase orders.

    You can create a new purchase order by clicking on “Create Purchase Order”

  5. Fill up the required information that appears in the popup.

    Vendors: Choose the vendor to create PO. If it’s not available in the dropdown list then add the vendor first. Follow the previous step to add vendor.

    Description: Add the details of the items here.

    Ingredients: Choose the ingredients you purchase and mention the Quantity and Price

    Add Ingredients: For multiple items, you can click on “Add Ingredients” button.

5. Click on the “Report” button to access the inventory report.

Download Excel: Click this button to download the report in Excel format.

Download PDF: Click this button to download the report in PDF format.

Stock Taking: This button generates a report of inventory to tally the stock. The admin can also edit the stock on verifying.

6. Click on the “Stock Taking Report” for taking the stock report. You can check the variance in the items and your inventory.

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