Orders Management

Order List

You can view the list of orders from Sales > Orders from the left panel of the admin panel/backend area.

All orders are listed here with their ID, Order #, Table, Status, Type, Payment, Total Amount, Time, and Date.

You can edit by clicking on the

In the order tab, you will see the order details, customer details, invoice details, status history, etc.

You can notify customers by adding comments and enabling the button “Notify the Customer” regarding the status of the order.

In order management, you can manage invoicing, checkout, split payments, and private sales from the backend/admin area of FoodBucket.

Login to your Admin Panel/Backend Area. Go to System > Settings from the left menu and click on the Order tab.


Invoice Prefix

The invoice Prefix is the sequence in which the invoice number generates. You can set the invoice prefix (e.g. INV-2015-001123). Leave blank to use no prefix. The following macros are available: {year} {month} {day}

Generate Invoice

You can either generate an invoice automatically or manually from this button.

Generate Automatic Invoice

Generate invoice automatically as soon as the order is marked complete.

Generate Manual Invoice

You can generate an invoice manually by clicking generate button on the order page.


Checkout will give you the following options:

  • Default Order Status: Select the default order status when a new order is placed/received by dropdown options.

  • Processing Order Status: Select the order status. An order must reach before the order starts stock reduction and coupon redemption by dropdown options.

  • Served/Prepared/Delivered Order Status: This order status is used to highlight the order state depending on its type, dine = served, takeaway & delivery = delivered.

  • Payment Order Status: Select the order status when an order is awaiting payment clearance before it can be marked as completed or served depending on its type.

  • Completed Order Status: Select the order status to mark an order as completed before the order invoice is created and a customer can leave a review.

  • Cancellation Order Status: Select the order status when an order is marked as canceled or suspected of fraudulent activity.

  • Delivery Time: Set the number of minutes an order will be delivered after being placed.

  • Take Away Time: Set the number of minutes an order will be ready for take away after being placed.

  • Allow Guest Order: Allow customers to place an order without creating an account.

  • Require Location To Order: Set whether customer MUST enter their postcode/address before they can place an order. If disabled, the customer will be allowed to order without entering their postcode/address but still require their delivery address to be covered.

  • Accept Future Orders: Allow customers to place an order for later when the restaurant is closed for delivery or takeaway during opening hours. This setting affects all locations

Split Payments

FoodBucket allows you to accept split payments which means allowing takeaway and print tickets automatically. Please read the complete documentation here.

Private Sales

You can enable private sales on a private table from System > Order > Private Sales.

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