Printer & Device Setup

Network Diagram

Label Printer

Supported Devices

  • Toshiba BVDE

Add a new label printer

  1. Login to your Admin Panel / Backend Area.

  2. Go to System > Printers from the menu on the left.

  3. Click on "Add New Printer".

  4. Enter the following details:

    • Printer Title: For your printer identification.

    • Printer Type: Which type your printer is eg. Label, Thermal, etc?

    • Printer Location: Where your printer will be located in your restaurant.

    • Printer IP: What is your printer IP Address?

    • Printer Port: What is your printer Port? The default port of the printer is 9100.

  5. Click on "Add New Printer" on the right bottom of the modal box.

Connect a label printer to the KDS Screen

  1. Go to KDS from the menu on the left.

  2. Under the Profiles tab, you will see "Add New Profile" or select the existing one.

  3. Add/enter the profile details and further down you will see the Label Printer toggle button.

  4. Make sure you turn it ON.

  5. Select your printer from the Available Printers dropdown.

  6. Filter out the categories you want to get printed from the printer.

  7. That’s it, you should be all set up now.

Thermal Printer

Supported Devices

  • Epson TM88VI

  • Epson T-90

  • Black Copper

Add a new thermal printer

  1. Open your FoodBucket app.

  2. Click on the top left menu.

  3. Click on Settings.

  4. Under the system settings, click on Printers & Hardware.

  5. Under the printer settings, click on Add New Printer.

  6. Under the Add New Printer, you will see the following fields:


IP Address

Your printer IP address e.g. 100. x.x.x, etc. (you can manually enter the IP Address or use the Find Printer button next to the IP Address field).


It is an optional field. It is your printer location where the printer is located. e.g. Kitchen, Cash Counter, etc.


Your Printer name can be anything.

  1. Click on Save in the Bottom.

  2. Tap on your added printer and click Test Printer to test if the printer is actually connected or not.

  3. If the printer is successfully connected it should print a test receipt.

  4. If the printer is not connected it won’t respond to the test print.

Printer Modification

Print Attributes


Copy Type

If you disable Copy Type, the Customer Copy will not be visible on receipts.

Order Type

If you disable Order Type, it won’t show any order type eg. Dine, Take Away, Delivery.


If you disable Note, it won’t be visible on the receipt.

Void Reason

Mentioned in the image.

Meal or Deal Items

Mentioned in the image.

Previous Items on Running Order

If you disable this, it will not Print Previous items on Running Order, it will print only Running Order on Receipts.


Mentioned in the image.

Footer Note

Mentioned in the image.

Print Receipt / KOT ( Kitchen Order Ticket)


Printer Type

Kitchen receipt/Customer receipt.

Print receipt automatically when a purchase is made

Toggle on & off to handle print receipts automatically.

Print Customer Copies

No. of Customer Copies

Print Merchant Copies

No. Merchant Copies

Print Kitchen Copies

No. of Kitchen Copies

Receipt Management

  • Filter Receipts ~ Toggle on & off to turn on the filter applied.

  • Customize ~ Click on customize to filter out your receipt.


If you want to customize and filter your receipt, first of all, turn on the Filter Receipt option available in settings and click on Customize. A modal box will appear with three following options:

  • Categories

  • Menus

  • Excludes


Only the selected categories will be printed on the KOT Receipt if you select the categories and Save them from the top right corner of the modal box.


Only selected Menus will be printed on the KOT Receipt if you select the Menus and Save them from the top right corner of the modal box.


If you select the Excludes and Save them from the top right corner of the modal box then the selected excludes will not be printed on the KOT Receipt.

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