FoodBucket comes with an extensive Admin Area/Backend office that allows you to control, monitor, manage, and plan, literally, everything that you need to run a Restaurant.

Our main aim is to provide an easy-to-use interface and as detailed as possible to analyze what’s happening. We focus highly on customer feedback. If you have anything to share or to say, please write us an email or leave feedback.

Admin Area Access

On-Premise (Appliance)

If you have our Appliance installed in your restaurant, you can easily access our backend by following the steps below:

  1. Connect to FoodBucket Network Wi-Fi

  2. Open Google Chrome/Safari/Microsoft Edge

  3. http://my.foodbucket.io/admin

For Cloud:

  1. Open Google Chrome/Safari/Microsoft Edge

  2. http://youridentifer.cloud.foodbucket.io/admin

Login Screen

  • Username: your unique username or email address

  • Password: your password is provided by our sales representative if installed On-Premise. For Cloud, you will set your own password. You can also record your password by using the “Forgot Password” feature.

This is how the login screen is displayed:

Admin Interface

Our interface is quite self-explanatory. See the image below to get a quick understanding:

Left Menu

To navigate through the Admin area, you can use our menu on the left. It is categorized in a very compact manner to help you move around the admin area very easily.

Right Top Menu

Online Status (for On-Premise), notification, and user profile settings are managed from the top right menu. This also helps you easily go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon on update user profile settings.


In order to log out, click on ‘User Icon‘ in the top right menu, and click on ‘Logout‘.

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