Connecting to Server with KDS App


Kitchen Display System works greatly on-premise and not many are able to make it full-cloud compatible. But not us, we have got you covered. Whether On-Premise, offline, or on the cloud, your things are up, live, and securely connected.

We now support KDS App for those who cannot get our KDS Client.

Here is what it looks like:

KDS Code

A KDS Code is a unique secret code that is generated automatically for each setup. You can find your KDS Code by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Admin Area/Backend

  2. Go to KDS from the left menu

  3. There you will see a KDS Code on the top right corner of the screen as shown below:

Downloading & Display

  1. Download our KDS App.

  2. Click on the downloaded file and install it.

  3. Now from Start Menu, search FoodBucket KDS

  4. Click on FoodBucket KDS App and the following window shall appear:

  1. HTTP / HTTPS Protocol, usually HTTPS

  2. URL Unique identifier to your cloud

    • for On-Premise, you can simply use

    • for Cloud, use

  3. PORT is usually 80 or 4848 or leave blank for default settings

  4. Your KDS Code can be obtained from the admin panel as shown here

  5. Verify button to check the connection

  6. Machine ID that is displayed in the back-end for profile assignment, read more about it here


  1. Use HTTPS for the cloud and HTTP for On-premise

  2. Now, first, enter your restaurant URL

    • for On-Premise, you can simply use

    • for Cloud, use

  3. Leave PORT blank or enter as instructed by the account manager

  4. Enter your KDS Code

  5. Click on Verify

  6. Once verification is successful, you can see the following screen.

  7. You will notice that it has the same machine ID that you saw when you first opened the app.

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