Customer Facing Display

A Customer Facing Display (CFD) is a digital screen that displays information about the products and services offered by a business. FoodBucket provides a CFD that can be easily integrated with the Point of Sale (POS) system. Once integrated, the CFD will display the order information such as order number, items ordered, and total amount in a clear and easy-to-read format for customers to view.

Benefits of Customer-Facing Display

CFD provides several benefits for both the business and the customers, including:

  • Increased customer engagement: CFDs are a great way to keep customers engaged and informed about the products and services offered by the business. It can help customers to learn more about the products, special offers, and discounts.

  • Improved customer experience: CFDs can enhance the customer experience by providing them with a clear view of their order information. This helps them to stay informed about the progress of their orders and feel more involved in the ordering process.

  • Reduced order errors: With CFDs, customers can see their orders as they are being entered into the system. This can help reduce errors and improve order accuracy, leading to fewer order returns and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Increased efficiency: CFDs can help reduce the workload for staff by allowing customers to view their orders without having to ask staff for updates. This increases efficiency in the kitchen and helps staff to focus on preparing orders.

How to Use FoodBucket CFD

To use FoodBucket CFD, customers will need to place an order at the POS system. Once the order has been placed, the order information will be displayed on the CFD screen for the customer to view.

The CFD can be customized to display different types of information, such as promotional messages, menu items, or discounts. This allows businesses to tailor the CFD to their specific needs and requirements.


In conclusion, Customer Facing Display is a valuable feature for businesses that want to increase customer engagement, improve customer experience, reduce order errors, and increase efficiency. FoodBucket provides an easy-to-use and customizable CFD that can help businesses achieve these goals.

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