POS Overview

FoodBucket POS is designed in a way to achieve excellence. FoodBucket POS gives you direct access to all operation modes right from the main dashboard on your Point of Sale. Its smart, user-friendly interface makes it easily adaptable.

Download the FoodBucket App from the link below:

  • Android App

  • iOS App

  • Windows App

After downloading the app, follow the simple steps to get started.

Server Screen

A server screen shows a dialog box in which you have to enter your application URL, e.g. my.foodbucket.io

Login Screen

You can log in to the POS by entering your credentials as shown in the image above. It also shows the last login of the staff members.

Home Screen

FoodBucket home screen allows you to manage the Tables, Orders Types, and Order times. The following points are explaining each section:

  1. It shows you the number of tables occupied or vacant. You can also monitor the order time on each occupied table. The above bar shows the Order status.

    Green – On-time Red – Late

  2. Your takeaway orders are listed alongside the TAKEAWAY button with the order number and also show the time when the order is punched.

  3. Your delivery orders are listed alongside the DELIVERY button with the order number and also show the time when the order is punched.

  4. Here you can check the menu.

  5. Here you can add expenses.

  6. Here you can manage your orders e.g. Delivery orders, Take Away orders, Dine-in.

Order Screen

Here you can punch the orders.

  1. The main categories of the menu are shown here.

  2. This will show the menu on the basis of the categories you have selected in Section 1.

  3. Here you can review the order details you have punched.

  4. You can enter your customer information. i.e. Name, Contact number, and Address.

  5. You can choose the table to place the order or you can also select the table from the home screen.

  6. Here you can choose the order type i.e. Dine-in, Take Away, and Delivery.

  7. After punching the order, tap the “Pay” button to checkout.

  8. You can remove the whole order from the “Remove” button. The “Clear” button is to clear the list of items and you can re-order. The “Draft” button is to save the order for later use.

Runner Screen

Runner Screen shows the status of the running order. You can tap on the occupied table to view the running screen. The following points explain every section of the screen:

  1. It shows the order number. Order numbers reset on the day close.

  2. It allows you to shift the order to any other open table.

  3. You can choose the order type from here i.e. Dine-in, Take Away, and Delivery.

  4. Tells you the order status i.e. Preparation or Ready.

  5. An order identifier is a unique order ID allotted from the backend.

  6. Shows the time of order.

  7. Tells you the name of the order taker.

  8. Shows you the customer information.

  9. Shows the details of the order.

  10. Running Button allows you to view the order screen where already punched items will be displayed in the left panel and you can add more items in the running order from here.

  11. Here you can cancel the order. It will ask for access. You can enter credentials and continue.

  12. After preparation, you can serve the order. On tapping the serve button

  13. The pay button will lead you to the checkout screen where you will select the payment method.

  14. Here you can merge the tables e.g. if you do not have enough capacity on a single table, you can merge the tables.


Click on “Settings” from the side panel of your POS.

Settings consist of three main heads:

General Settings

  • You can set your General Settings

  • You can your POS Default Screen

  • You can set the Quick Service orders

  • You can set your POS Display Settings for Tables, Categories & Menu items Row

  • You can change your language In the POS

Printers & Hardware

  • You can add your thermal Printer in the POS for Receipts & Kitchen Copies

  • Set your receipt filters

Customer Facing App

  • FoodBucket's customer-facing app offers a seamless and convenient way for customers to browse the menu, place orders, and track their delivery status in real time.

  • With personalized recommendations, loyalty programs, and exclusive offers, the FoodBucket app provides a superior ordering experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


  • You can change your server from here

  • You can check from which server you are connected to.

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