POS Management

POS Manager

POS manager allows you to keep track of all Points of Sales that you have in your restaurants. For instance, your restaurant has 3 POS. One POS handles app POS operations, the second POS is Order taking POS and which takes orders from the customers that are dining in your restaurant and the third POS is Delivery POS which only takes delivery orders from your customers.

You can access POS Manager by clicking on POS Manager from the left panel. It has the list of POS with active/inactive status.

Add a POS

You can add a POS by clicking on + Add New POS Button.

A pop-up will appear shown in the image below:

  • POS Name: Add the name of the POS.

  • POS Status: You can select active or inactive POS from this button.

  • Click on the “Add” button.

Delete a POS

You can delete the POS by clicking on the “Delete” button from the POS List Screen.

POS Report

You can also fetch POS reports to analyze the performance of different POS.

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