Reports from POS

FoodBucket provides four types of reports that can be generated from the Point of Sale (POS) system. These reports include Sale Summary, Monthly Report, Custom Report, and Quantity Report.

Sale Summary Report

The Sale Summary report provides a summary of all sales made during a specified period of time. This report includes information such as the total sales amount, the number of orders taken, and the number of customers served. The Sale Summary report is useful for getting an overview of how the restaurant is performing over a particular period of time.

Monthly Report

The Monthly Report provides a detailed breakdown of sales for each month. This report shows the total sales for each month, as well as the number of orders and customers served. The Monthly Report is useful for tracking performance over time and identifying trends.

Custom Report

The Custom Report allows users to create a report with specific criteria. This report can be customized to include information such as sales by menu item, sales by employee, or sales by location. The Custom Report is useful for generating reports that meet specific business needs.

Quantity Report

The Quantity Report provides information on the quantity of each menu item sold during a specified period of time. This report shows the number of times each menu item was ordered, as well as the total revenue generated by each item. The Quantity Report is useful for understanding which menu items are the most popular and which items may need to be promoted.

To generate any of these reports for FoodBucket, simply log in to the POS system and navigate to the Reports section. From there, select the type of report you wish to generate and specify the date range and any other necessary criteria. Once you have generated the report, it can be exported to a CSV or Excel file for further analysis.

Please note that these reports are only available for the FoodBucket product and may differ from reports available for other products.

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