KDS Installation /Setup

Our KDS Setup is designed to keep it simple yet very solid. Our KDS Client is an enterprise-grade device that will work in all tough environments, however, you can also set up our KDS Software on an existing Windows OS.

KDS Client Components

Front and Back of a KDS Client

Back Side

  • The power port is where you will connect the Adapter

  • USB port is where you will connect our KDS Keyboard

  • Ethernet is where you will connect the LAN

  • DVI/VGA is where you will connect the LED

Front Side

  • Power button to turn KDS on and off. When KDS Client is on its power light is GREEN.

KDS Client Installation

In order to install a KDS Client, make sure you have all the required list of items:

A KDS Client

A KDS Adapter

DVI Cable

LAN Cable

KDS Keyboard

21″+ 1080 LED Screen

Note: Any LED with less than 1080 resolution will not perform properly for KDS and CDS. It’s mandatory to check if LED supports 1080. All modern 21″ LEDs are 1080. Also make sure it supports DVI, otherwise a DVI to HDMI converter will be required

Connection Diagram

  1. First, connect KDS Client Adapter to its Power socket on the back side

  2. Connect DVI Cable on the backside of the KDS client and 2nd Part of the DVI Cable to your LED screen

  3. Connect the LAN cable to the backside of the KDS client and 2nd part to the Network Switch of the FoodBucket Appliance

  4. Now, turn on the KDS and you will see the following screen:

Machine ID

Each KDS Screen has its Unique Machine ID. As soon as you connect it to the FoodBucket Network, you will see it on the top left of the KDS Screen, and the same Machine ID will also appear in KDS Manager. How to link it to a profile can be read here.

KDS Machine in KDS Manager

To find your machine in your KDS manager, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your admin area

  2. Go to KDS from the Left Menu

  3. Click on the Manager tab and there you will see your KDS Client with your Machine ID.

  4. Click on the Edit icon to configure and Assign a profile

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