KDS Roles, Usages & Workflows

Our Kitchen Display system is not just another interface of the order window or order screen. It’s a complete Operational System that helps you move way faster than your conventional mean.

Considering the requirement of how people work in the kitchen, we designed our KDS to match any kind of process without changing their workflows. Our KDS has the following key areas:

  1. Machine Role

  2. KDS Profile

  3. Order Manager

  4. Kitchen Status

  5. Kitchen Action

Machine Role

A KDS Machine Role is to set whether the KDS Client is used for Kitchen Display or for the customer. See the screen below to see the difference:

To set or change the KDS Role, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Admin Area/Backend

  2. Go to KDS from the left menu

  3. Select Manager from the tabs on the top

  4. Click on the ‘Edit / Pencil‘ icon and a modal box will appear

  5. Set the role as per your requirement and click update to save changes

KDS Profile

One of the key features of our KDS is the KDS Profile system. Each Machine/KDS Client is assigned a KDS Profile. This profile is configured carefully to define its functionality.

Read this documentation to create a KDS Profile.

In your KDS Profile, you have 3 Items: Kitchen Status, Kitchen Action & Order Manager.

Kitchen Status

Kitchen status is to display what to show on KDS Screen.

Kitchen status is what kind of menu items will be displayed on the screen.

Field ValuePurpose


Show items that are not yet cooked or being cooked. For example, Fryer Screen will see ‘Fried Chicken’, Pizza Topping will see ‘Margarita Pizza XL’


Show items on the screen that are being cooked. This step can be skipped however it comes very handy for a chain work. For example, once a Pizza Topping Screen Manager dresses a Pizza and puts it in the oven, it will press the Green button and item status will turn to ‘Cooking’ and will be displayed on KDS Screen where Kitchen Status was set to ‘Cooking’.


Show items that are completed. Only completed items are displayed on this for screens such as Mediator, Dispatcher or Packing.

Kitchen Action

A Kitchen Action is what to perform when Green Button is pressed.

ScenarioKitchen DisplayKitchen ActionOutput on Pressing Green

Cooking Screen



Will mark item as Completed.

Topping/Baking Screen



Will mark item as Cooking.




Will mark item as Completed.

Order Manager

This is the role that we assign to a manager. There are 3 roles as stated below, but first have a look at the flow:

RolePurposeScopeKitchen StatusKitchen Action


This role is assigned to people working in the kitchen, Cooking, Baking, Cutting etc.

Menu Items They can only make changes to menu items and not to the order.

Processing, Cooking, Completed

Cooking, Completed

Order Manager / Dispatcher

This role is assigned to a Manager or Dispatcher. This person manages the Order Workflow and can see all menu items and their current state.

Order This can control the whole order. If Dispatcher presses the Green button, all items whether completed or not, will be changed to completed.

Processing, Cooking, Completed


Customer Manager

This is same as Dispatcher. The only difference is a Customer Manager Takes Completed order and mark it as Served This is handy in a Fast Food Service where Customer Display Screen is Shown.




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